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Book review new winchester review Icons of men Cheap Party Dresses UK style:Book review Mar 8, 2013 2:37 pm 1 Comment Josh sims icons of men's style is a definitive guide to the staple pieces that have adorned the male wardrobe over the years.Whilst the world of women's Flower Girl Dresses UK fashion is seemingly a conveyor belt of 'new trends', the male wardrobe is a composition of fewer, more timeless pieces.Domenico dolce summed up the differences perfectly: 'Women are into fashion men are into style, style is forever' Sims acknowledges this notion and charts the history of menswear through 52 iconic pieces, devised into seven sections;Outerwear, trousers, shoes, underwear, tailoring, shirts and sweaters and accessories.Sims goes into incredible detail with each piece, looking into the history of each garment and how it has fitted into society, for example the role of the work shoe and how it was adopted by skinheads and punks.At times, the items of clothing almost become something of a side note as the stories behind each piece become so engrossing.The information behind each piece is excellently complemented by the use of classic images.The layout allows large and varied shots of each piece, including media icons such as steve mcqueen adorning the harrington jacket and parka clad 'mods' in quadrophenia.As well as focussing on the individual pieces of clothing, icons of men's style also features the legendary brands that started the trends.Clarks, barbour and levi's all feature heavily having become almost the generic term for their low price trademark pieces.Icons of men's style, serves almost as a reference point for any style conscious gentleman and its great text to image ratio, makes it a fantastic read for anyone interested in male style or fashion photography.By harvey taylor images used according to fair use


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